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100 MPG X Prize Last Lap

28 teams, representing 36 super fuel efficient vehicles from across the globe started last lap of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE

Winners will be selected from two classes: Mainstream and Alternative. The following is a complete list of the 28 Qualified Teams, along with the class in which they will compete and their fuel type. Note that some teams are entering vehicles in each class. For more information on these teams, please visit

Mainstream Class Teams:
Mainstream Class vehicles must carry four or more passengers, have four or more wheels, and offer a 200-mile range.

American HyPower, Centennial, Colorado (Gasoline, Hydrogen)
APET-X, Hong Kong, China (Electric)
BITW Technologies, Palmyra, Indiana (Biodiesel)
Cornell 100+ MPG Team, Ithaca, New York (Biodiesel)
Edison2, Charlottesville, Virginia (E85)
Enginer, Troy, Michigan (Gasoline + Steam)
Envera, Mill Valley, California (Gasoline)
Global-E, Mandeville, Louisiana (Gasoline & Electric)
Illuminati Motor Works, Virden, Illinois (Electric)
Liberty Motors Group, Botkins, Ohio (Gasoline)
Team FourSight, Morgantown, West Virginia (Biodiesel)
West Philly Hybrid X (EVX), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Gasoline)
WIKISPEED, Seattle, Washington (Gasoline)

Alternative Class Teams:
Alternative Class vehicles must carry two or more passengers and allow for a 100 mile range.

amp, Blue Ash, Ohio (Electric)
Aptera Motors, Vista, California (Electric)
Edison2, Charlottesville, Virginia (E85)
Envera, Mill Valley, California (Gasoline)
FVT Racing, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada (Gasoline)
K-Way MOTUS, Turin, Italy (Gasoline)
OptaMotive, San Jose, California (Electric)
RaceAbout Association, Helsinki, Finland (Electric)
Spira, Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand (Gasoline)
Tango (Commuter Cars), Spokane, Washington (Electric)
Tata Motors Limited, Coventry, United Kingdom (Electric)
Team EVI, Mooresville, North Carolina (Electric)
Team EVX, Dallas, Texas (Electric)
Team FourSight, Morgantown, West Virginia (Electric)
TW4XP, Rosenthal, Germany (Electric)
West Philly Hybrid X (EVX), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Biodiesel)
Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington (Gasoline)
X-Tracer Team Switzerland, Uster, Switzerland (Electric)
ZAP, Santa Rosa, California (Electric)

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