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SDAssistant - the specialized text editor - the assistant to the doctor in writing the medical documentation. The program is adapted for fast input a plenty of the repeating information which makes the lion's share of contents of diaries.

SDAssistant supports flexible system patterns standard phrases. Patterns are applied depending on a context of input, for each of paragraph of a diary it is possible to use the set of patterns for autofilling.

In the program function inserts of contents the previous diary or one of its paragraph is stipulated, that accelerates input even more.

The entered information can be kept in a format .RTF for subsequent use in other text editors. The given function is useful also to creation of a database of surveys of patients.

Download SDAssistant [590Kb]

SDAssistant 2.0

More than half-year exist SDAssistant 2.0. In the new version the script can be connected to each pattern of standard phrases. Scrips are writing in Pascal-like language, and give best functionality - printing receps, incerting dates, automatically writing medical documentations. I want to write comercial version SDAssistant 2.0, but I need help of professionals in crypting with open keys, networks share work and distribute the program. Maybe you can employ me as UI developer to create comercial product with base as SDAssistant 2.0? Read my resume and Write to me

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