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Smart HTML Editor

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Smart HTML Editor - a new way in writing of the HTML code. Why HTML Editor "smart"? - Because in addition to the function of autoreplacement there is built-in support Pascal Script. For each case of autoreplacement of the code it is possible to assign a script of "smart" processing of an insert of the code.

Coding together with Smart HTML Editor becomes pleasant operation - now for an insert and processings of the majority of standard tags it is necessary to come off the keyboard less. Fast built-in preview HTML pages allows to speed up coding even more.

Smart HTML Editor has built-in editor Pascal Script - you can create and edit scripts. People familiar with Delphi Object Pascal, can study Pascal Script in some minutes.

You can view Quick Start documentation for fast introduction to Smart HTML Editor.

Register, and get support by e-mail, source codes of standard scripts, complete detailed documentation (about 20Mb) for Pascal Script functions and some other extended posibilities.

Download Smart HTML Editor Trial [1.19MB].

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