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Patterns in SDAssistant

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SDAssistant supports flexible system of patterns of standard phrases, and automatic switching patterns is supported depending on a context of input.

At input of text SDAssistant determines the first word in the beginning of the paragraph (heading of the section of a diary), proceeding from which connects a set of the standard phrases intended for the given section.

The set of sections and phrases is determined in a text file patterns.ini which is located in a root folder of the program. A format of a file the following:

  • The name of the section of a diary (the first paragraph word) in square brackets
  • A set of phrases for the given section. Each phrase begins with a new line. Inside a phrase the mark of "%" for allocation of a key set of letters for function of autofilling is put. At the end of a phrase the mark "=" is put.
  • The first section should be [Default], in this section standard phrases for the empty paragraph (the paragraph beginning with a symbol of a blank) are specified. Usually in this section names of sections of a diary for fast input and possible titles for a diary are specified.

Example of a file of patterns: patterns.ini

Use of function of autoreplacement

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