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SDATimer v1.82 available for download. v1.82 [10.18.07] - fix window position bug, add Spanish help file.

Smart Html Editor - HTML Editor with smart autoreplacement Pascal Scripts support v1.0 [06.03.07] available for download.

SD SMS Sender - powerfull editor for fast typing and sending SMS for MIDP 2.0 mobile phones

SDCalc powerfull calculator for MIDP 2.0 CLDS 1.1 mobile phones is freeware now

SDSSL 1.1 new version SD Screen Saver Launcher with delay customization [07.31.07]

rtf2txt is the converter rtf files (Rich Text Format) to txt files (simple text) format for Windows - [09.05.2007] - v2.0 - add subfolders search, fix first file convert bug

SDAssistant - the specialized text editor - the assistant to the doctor in writing the medical documentation

About Author:

Education: high medical (Belorussian State Medical University)

Profession: neurologist

Hobby: programming (Delphi, Java2ME, Prolog, Forth, Asm, Neural Network, AI), apiculture

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